The Best Pasture Raised Meats in the Northwest

Welcome!  We are located outside of Dallas, Oregon on 45 acres of mostly grassland at the base of the Coastal Range. Our primary focus is on providing our customers and friends with the highest quality, pasture raised meats around. Our beef is grass fed and finished, our chickens are raised out on pastures as they should be and our pork? Well, our pork has been a true labor of love and devotion. We have a herd of purebred Red Wattle hogs that produce the best tasting pork chops you will ever have.

If you are looking to buy a half or whole hog (or beef cowthat is custom cut to your specifications, please click here. When you get to the storefront page, make sure you select the “pick up” bottom up at the top and you will then be shown all of our butcher dates so you can select the timing that works best for you!

Red Wattle hogs in the lower pasture