Pasture Raised Red Wattle Pork

Red Wattle Loin Chops - in the cutting room

Red Wattle Loin Chops – in the cutting room

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We offer pasture raised, Red Wattle pork directly to the general public (our valued and favorite customers!). We have individual USDA retail cuts that can be picked up directly at our farm, from our booth at several of our area farmer’s markets and are available for delivery to the Portland area 2x’s monthly. We also sell Red Wattle Pork by the whole hog or by the side.

BY THE PIECE ~ We  process hogs on a regular basis so that we can offer USDA individual cuts of meat to customers. All meat is USDA inspected, approved and is  frozen to ensure top quality.  Click   here   for a current price list.  If you don’t see a particular cut on our list, please ask. We process hogs about every 2 weeks, so we can have your item specially cut just for you on our next butcher date.

During most of the year, Jim and I can be found at local area farmer’s markets each Saturday with an assortment of our Red Wattle Pork cuts. In Salem from Nov. till the end of March, we have a booth at the Salem Public Market, which is located indoors at 12th and Rural Ave.  This market is on Saturdays from 8:30 till 2 pm.   Once spring rolls around (April 2, 2016), our pork can be found each week through the end of October, at the Salem Saturday Market which is held outdoors downtown at the corner of Marion and Summer St.  in Salem and is open from 9 am till 3 pm.
From January to mid April, we also have a booth at the Corvallis Indoor Winter Market, which is located at the Benton County Fairgrounds.  The hours are Saturdays from 9 am till 1 pm.  Our Corvallis market moves to its outdoor location down by the river on 1st Street in mid April with the same hours.


 Pork can be ordered ahead of time for picking up at one of the markets or you can come and shop at the booth. Either way, we have a full selection of items to choose from.  If you are located in Portland or on the way to Portland, we do deliver to the Portland area on a varying schedule. 

BY THE SIDE *-  ***   SALE ALERT!!!! *****   We ended up with an over abundance of butcher hogs last summer. Those hogs are now BIG and really need to be moved to a freezer somewhere. We have decided to offer these “Big Pigs” at a sale price of just $2.75/lb + processing costs until they are gone. This price is 47% off of our normal “big pig” price of $4.35/lb. These “Big Pigs” are too big for the scalder, so they will be skinned at slaughter time which means you are not paying for skin, feet or the head; all parts that many folks don’t use anyway. These Big Pigs will have hanging weights of 200 lbs on up to about 250 lbs PER SIDE.  While these are Big Pigs, they are not old pigs; so meat quality is still top notch and is suitable for a full range of cuts including chops, roasts, sausage and bacon.  Please call or email for further details. These hogs have been very popular and each butcher date fills up quickly. 

We sell sides of Red Wattle  pork year round as the hogs mature to butcher size (typically #280 – #350 live weight).  You’ll want to contact us to reserve yours as they are often spoken for months in advance.  Typically a side hangs  between 100 lb- 140 lbs, depending on the live weight of the hog. Please email for information on pricing and current availability.  Regular butcher sized hogs priced at $3.50/lb hanging weight + butcher costs.  



Sausage Sows - We have a number of older breeding sows that will be removed from our herd this year. They are available for purchase by the side. These are 3-5 year old sows that will have hanging weights of between 375-450 lbs (whole). This hanging weight does not include skin, feet or head. Being from an older animal the meat is full of great flavor and character. These sows are perfect for someone that wants an abundance of ground pork (sausage), along with some really fabulous shoulder roasts for the slow cooker.  Oh yeah, bacon too! The bacon pieces will be large, but still taste wonderful.  If you would like to reserve a side from a sausage sow, please let us know so we can get one on the schedule book.

* We process at a USDA facility which means that all  pork is suitable and legal for  sale through restaurants or retail outlets.


please email or call for more information