About The Farm


Home of the Red Wattle Hog!



Heritage Farms Northwest is located just outside Dallas, Oregon.  We are a grass based farm of just under 45 acres. The “staff” consists of myself (Wendy) my husband Jim. If it has to get done, one of us will be the ones doing it.

We pasture raise all our animals because we believe that animals are ment to be animals.  That means that cows should be out grazing grass, not in a barn being force fed grain and other “feed stuffs”. Our pigs are also pastured from birth onward. They are allowed to root in the grass  and dig a mud wallow if they desire to do so (and man oh man, do they love to wallow!!).  Our chickens and turkeys are also raised free range on pasture.  By our definition “pastured poultry” is just that, out on the pastures free ranging, not in small pens that are moved around the pastures.

We’ve chosen to focus on old style, heritage breeds of livestock, many of which are found on the American Livestock Breed Conservancy endangered or critical list.  By raising and marketing these rare animals, we are helping to conserve their genetic history for the future.   While we are not certified organic, we follow many organic and biodynamic principles. Our feeds are always free of antibiotics and added hormones. We use pasture rotation and free ranging poultry to help break parasite cycles.  If its not something we want done to our meat animals for our own table, you can be assured we won’t do it to your meat animals. After all, we are our own best customers.