Pasture Raised Chickens

pastured chickens in the orchard
Our free ranged broilers out in the orchard

We get our chickens as day old hatchlings. From the time they arrive until the time they are in the freezer, it is our goal to give them the highest quality of life that we can. They spend their first few weeks in a heated brooding area, where they can get a good start and grow the feathers needed to handle life in the pasture. Once they are sufficiently feathered out, we move them outdoors to a green grass pasture where they can forage on fresh grasses and forbs as well as a variety of bugs and earthworms. We butcher our chickens at 9-10 weeks of age which gives them plenty of time to develop the great flavor all our customers have come to love.

We raise a small group of chickens several times during the growing months. It is our plan to have our first batch ready to butcher in May sometime and we like to have our last group in the freezers by mid to late October each year. Timing the batches this way allows us to avoid most of the cold and rainy months which are not optimal for chicken happiness. The vast majority of our birds are sold whole and frozen but if you live locally and would like to come pick them up fresh (never frozen) that can be arranged. If you are interested in buying a larger number of chickens all at once to fill your freezer, please reach out to us via email or by phone so we can accommodate your order.

Newly hatched chicks in the greenhouse