Waking up on the farm today.

I was woken this morning by the sound of “little pigs grunting”. They make a particular noise when they are out and about exploring things. It’s like they have to keep a running commentary going on (kinda like echo location). “uh, un… unk…. ung… unk.. unk.. unk.. UUNK!! (that is when they see  something alarming)… […]

Say “Hi” to the hogs – some of them anyway

We spend many hours each day outside doing “stuff”. Sometimes the stuff is just the “must do” things like feeding the animals and filling water troughs. Some days, we have a few extra chores to do like grinding feed, unloading hay or straw, stacking wood or a multitude of other things that must get done […]

Hazelnut pastured pork

Wow.. what a great day with the crew at Mt Angel Meats today.  They invited me to spend the day watching them break down the first 4 of our hazelnut finished hogs today and it almost brought a tear to my eyes to see how fantastic they came out.  The comments from the butchers who […]

AHHHHHH.. The Bacon!!

Around here there is nothing quite like a new order of pork returning from the processor. It means a restocking of some of our favorite Red Wattle pork products, namely The Bacon… Yes, we do indeed capitalize the name as we think so highly of the bacon produced by our hogs.  Because we sell our […]

Welcome to Heritage Farms Northwest!

Hi Everyone! Let me introduce myself.  My name is Wendy Parker and this is the online home of Heritage Farms Northwest!  Please  join with me, my husband Jim, and our two kids Anne and Daniel as we go about the daily adventures that are found on a small farm in Dallas, Oregon.  We are a […]