Hi Everyone!

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Wendy Parker and this is the online home of Heritage Farms Northwest!  Please  join with me, my husband Jim, and our two kids Anne and Daniel as we go about the daily adventures that are found on a small farm in Dallas, Oregon. 

We are a diverse family farm that focuses primarily on raising heritage breed animals in a pastured setting, with little or no confinement for any of our livestock. The cattle are 100% grass fed and finished. They never taste a bit of grain and rarely see the inside of a holding pen. Our hogs are also 100 % pasture raised, dining on a varied diet of grasses, clovers, seasonal fruit and produce. Because hogs are not ruminants, they do need supplemental hog feed (grains) to provide them with all their essential calories as well a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals. Our chickens and turkeys run free on the farm. This has its own  special set of joys and hardships, including the occasional chicken poo on the front porch and the all to often berry raids performed by the turkeys. They always know when the berries are exactly ripe!  The horses mostly get in the way of the “real farming” but we love them anyway.

It should be a great year of growth, farming adventures, hard work and the occasional play day.

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  1. Hi,
    Great website! Good to see someone working with the Red Wattled Pigs. I also saw you have Narragansett turkeys. Do you have any poults for sale? Thanks for your time. Duane

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